Merstham Community Orchard Planting - Tree O'Clock Event
Merstham is a village in the Reigate and Banstead borough of Surrey, England, in the London commuter belt. It is just north of Redhill, near the intersection of the M25 and M23 motorways, on the edge of the North Downs and on the North Downs Way.

The Surrey Greenspace Project works in three of Merstham's local greenspaces. Two are Surrey Wildlife Trust nature reserves, Spynes Mere and The Moors, and the third is Furzefield Wood, which is owned by Reigate and Banstead Borough Council.

Community & Education Officer, Tom Newman, works full-time in Merstham in an office based at the Merstham Community Facility on Portland Drive. His role includes running practical conservation sessions, schools education sessions, training events, family activity days, environmental activites for young people and healthy and guided walks.

If you live in Merstham and are interested in looking after your local greenspaces, and getting fit and healthy in the process click here for information about events you can get involved with!

Areas in Merstham

Furzefield Wood

Furzefield Wood

Furzefield Wood and Meadow is a 22ha greenspace in Merstham, Surrey. Once joined to Heronswood Mere, the construction of the M25 divided the site in two.

The south half of the greenspace, bordered by the M25 to the north and Radstock Way to the south, comprises a 10ha meadow of rough semi-improved grassland, a 3ha woodland and a 3ha amenity grassland site known as Radstock Way Open Space.

The north half of the greenspace, accessible via footpath over the M25, is bordered by Rockshaw Road to the north and the M25 to the south and is a 7ha mixed woodland and grassland site.

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Spynes Mere Main Lake

Spynes Mere

Spynes Mere is a wetland nature reserve of 14 ha, created from restored sand workings by WBB Minerals who lease the site to the Wildlife Trust.

Before sand was extracted the area was farmland. Spynes is a very old word, in use before the Norman Conquest to describe the area. It means summer fattening pasture, and is correctly pronounced spines, like the spine of a thorn.

Today, Spynes Mere comprises three lakes, which flow into the Redhill. It is located south of Bletchingly Rd and west of the M23 motorway, Merstham. The nearest car park is found in Mercers Country Park, off Nutfield Marsh Rd.

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The Moors

The Moors

Along Redhill Brook lies the 21 hectare wetland nature reserve known as The Moors. The Moors floods from the Redhill Brook during winter, and on occasions this creates one large lake, which the footpath crosses. You feel as if you are walking on water! This floodwater helps stop Redhill from flooding.

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Projects in Merstham

Common Blue Damselfly by Alan  Price

About Wildlife Watch - Merstham

Wildlife Watch is the junior branch of The Wildlife Trusts and the UK’s leading environmental action club for kids. It's an after school wildlife and nature club for 5-12 yr olds, full of hands-on activities and exciting outdoor fun!

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Beastly Bugs

Beastly Bug was a very successful family day out in Merstham.

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Colebrook Day Centre

Surrey Greenspace Project has organised two Healthy Walks for Colbrook Day Centre, one to Spynes Meres Nature Reserve in Feburary and one to Gatton Park in May.

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Growing Veg!

The Oakley Centre Project

We worked with the young people and staff to transform their grounds in to a wildlife friendly food-growing area for everyone to enjoy!

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Tree O Clock

As part of National Tree Week and the BBC’s Breathing Places Tree O'Clock event, Surrey Greenspace Project joined Portland House, Ravens Housing Trust and people around the world to plant trees between 11 am and 12 noon on Saturday 5 December 2009. There was a Guinness world record to bet too! This world record is for trees planted by hand, by any number of people, in multiple locations, within a single hour.

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